Thursday, April 26, 2012

Laptop monitor problem?

Hey all,

I have a Compaq Presario CQ40 laptop. It's less than 7 months old, but just recently (Monday), I've noticed white streaks in the monitor. The streaks run from side to side and are only a few inches thick, except towards the bottom of the screen, where it's quite blurred. When I tilt my screen, it fixes itself, but if anything jolts it (someone brushing against the table the laptop sits on, for instance), then it goes streaky again.

Where my problem comes in (besides the obvious of having a laptop with a screwed up screen), is that I bought this computer in Korea, but I'm now living and working in Italy. I contacted HP support, but they're saying I have to send this back to Korea to be fixed. Due to the time zone differences, and a pretty big language barrier, I'd rather not have to send it back to Korea.

I'm hoping that someone, who is tech minded, can maybe throw out some suggestions as to what I can do, myself, to fix this.

Answer on Laptop monitor problem?

I have seen this before many times, it is probably an inverter board for the LCD. I tend to think this because you mention moving the screen, it corrects itself. If you try to fix this yourself, you'll lose your warranty, if you still have one. When I was a laptop tech many years ago, the inverter boards were usually mounted in the side of the LCD frame. Try pressing on different areas of the LCD frame to find the sweet spot, that corrects it or makes it happen. The board should be located right behind that section of the LCD frame.

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