Thursday, April 26, 2012

I want to change my life ! Help me ! :(?

I need advice please. I'm thinking of coming to Australia to work in two years. I have 21 years. I live in Italy and I have done recently for graduates (surveyors). now here in Italy you can not make a good life just as it was some years ago. average salary is around 900 euros. in my current job earn about 1100 euros a month but come home dead tired because it is hard work! I give them 600 euros for the house rent, 300 for the machine, and already 900! Then if we put the food, clothing, utility bills, gasoline, etc. .. there arrives later this month! I'm thinking I'm still young and I can change my life for good but here in Italy!! Give me advice. What do you think? if I come in about two years with my girlfriend who is now 17 years Let us try and make us a life we can do? I'd be willing to work anywhere (although I can do many things and even speak different languages) Many thanks to all

Answer on I want to change my life! Help me! :(?

You are a recent graduate - your salary wil be low anywhere for a couple of years until you get experience. If surveying appears on the required careers for migration, then you may be able to move over here but most of the surveying jobs available for you will be on the top coast - in areas like normanton which is literally miles from anywhere (three small towns within 400km and then nothing for a couple of thousand km). Unless you and your girlfriend have been living together for 12 months before you apply she will not be able to come with you unless you get married. Girlfriend is not a recognised partner status - it has to be wife or de-facto.

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