Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Girls hate me what can i do? (im a girl) *Long Story*?

Im home schooled and i have a so called "best" friend who never sticks up for me and ignores me when she's with her other girl friends while i just stand there quietly, Im a shy person and never liked talking to girls because i have a social anxiety, and when i was little, I was a tomboy and i was shunned by girls and was a loser.

Later in years after 14 years old i dress better and a lot more Provocative and my friend takes me to a party and i ended up hooking up with 4 guys because i missed my ex a lot and i couldn't find any other way to get rid of my feelings for him without hurting anyone else so i ended up hurting myself (emotionally). I am now 15 and I have became a total wreck and people take advantage of my kindness and i got took advantage of (date rape) once by a guy i knew and another guy i ended up sexual intercourse being so bloody drunk, I basically had sex with 4 people which i know is wrong very wrong and i find myself disgusting but girls hate me for no reason they don't know i had sexual intercourse with 4 people all they know is i did with 2 my ex's and hooked up with 4 guys at a party ( not sex). And also i ended up dressing very provocative for halloween not to get attention its because i just liked the style and its more of my inner fetish like you see famous people like Beyonce, Lady Gaga etc dressing so provocative but they don't get much controversy while i do, and i hate attention =(

I rarely talk to girls i literally hate them stay away from them since i was little. First it was because i was too tomboyish and now i became a slut and my friend wont stick up for me and just agrees with her friends. I have mostly guy friends but i barely see them because im home schooled and i just spend the rest of my time at home and on the computer.

I don't want to put my friend to blame but she is the one who started me partying and drinking and i became a total mess even though i wasn't a virgin before i never drank, smoked weed partied but now im sucha wreck i have a bad reputation, but i quit all drinking and everything and i don't even hook up i don't like hook ups even i just want serious relationship and i never cheated in a relationship or anything =\

Answer on Girls hate me what can i do? (im a girl) *Long Story*?

Freaaky o. O im in the exact same situations, im home schooled too, and my "best friend" (in school) believed a load of lies and so did all my other "friends" i've had one threatning phone call.. and loads of c*rap said to me on the internet, so i deleted everything i had :L i don't have a bad reputation though.. i think girls just get bitchy at one another, if you don't 1. defend yourself (e. g being shy) 2. if your different and don't follow their crowd (since you quit drinking they're probably going to be jealous your 10 times more mature)

don't worry :) "if they care so much to bother with what i do then i am already better than them" - Marilyn Monroe =) a quote that gets me though all of it =D i know exactly how you feel, you ain't alone.. im going through the exact same, girls don't like me.. the girls im friends with aren't very girly, so they ain't bitchy and my best mate is my cousin who has always been there for me =) these girls contacted all sources of my life and tried to wreck it, luckily im glad they did cause it showed me the true people who believed the truth and not all the lies =) so i'll let them get on with it =) dw, reputation will fade, dw about what everyone has to say, focus on yourself and a new life =) it gets better i promise =) xxx

oh, but im still a virgin XD and never have done drugs or drunk loads of smoked, so i didn't fit in with them (they did all that) they have no reason to hate me at all bar the fact im now home schooled & a load of lies.

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