Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I've been commissioned to write a play? Help me please?

I've been commissioned by the theater group to write a play and well I have this idea for a fantasy love story:

It's about a renegade son of a noble house,(you can compare their culture as something similar to Renaissance Italy and Germany) and is now working as an artist employed by a small parish. When he comes back to his home he sees his beloved sister...one of the reasons he left his family in the first place, standing in the rain. He invited her to come inside and they start talking...until she couldn't help it and threw herself at him confessing her feelings for him which he responded with shock...but confessed he had the same feelings for her and well... they made love that night...the next morning he found out the reason why she went there in the first place, she was getting married, and said that now that she's said what she wanted she was satisfied, but he wasn't, and asked her to leave with him. She happily accepts...

...but that's just the first act...

The real problems comes after it; their family is now hunting him down, and in the end it will end in tragedy with the son committing so many sins even hell won't accept him.

Problem is it could still change^^ I'm willing to take suggestions, and improvements in the story that you feel may help me, but what do you think about it so far? I just came up with the idea and the first act yesterday. It isn't my best so it's still a little hazy and I feel it's a little rushed, so I could really need your help^^

Answer on I've been commissioned to write a play? Help me please?

Do you attend theatre? I do. While there's some edgy stuff way off Broadway, the typical theatre-goer is 45 or older, often in his or her 60s--old enough that this last taboo both shocks and alienates. An audience will feel no sympathy for either the rebellious son or his sister, seeing them both as "bad guys" who richly deserve the worst.

Forbidden love still works, of course. Maybe they are step-sister and step-brother, raised apart. Or unrelated, of different social/racial/religious groups. Or gay. Or one is "damaged goods" in some way, perhaps with a chronic illness, genetic disease, or crippling birth defect. (Of course such people can and do love.) Maybe she's been raped and as a bride no longer has any worth.

Basically, I'm saying as first acts for mainstream theatre go, start over.

Edit: Stray idea--what if the brother and sister are mythical gods? In many mythos, sibling love was allowed and encouraged.

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