Sunday, February 12, 2012

I got this girl's number in December but I didn't try enough back then?

A girl in December gave me her number and I was interested in her at the time but I called a couple of times and it went to voicemail, needless to say I gave up a bit too easily. She added me on facebook in the early morning after I met her on that night. She called me on that Saturday in December but hung up when I answered but instead of calling back I texted back, if that was me now I would have called back.

I texted her a few weeks ago and she responded back to me, stupid me said I accidentally sent it to her instead of someone else (I asked if she was going to the same club, so it wasn't a text that could be associated with sending to another girl I was interested in, I did this because I didn't want to seem random for contacting her after not seeing her for four months but I regret doing it now :(, she didn't text back. It wasn't all I said I apologised and said bascially remember me and how are you etc which again very stupid and I regret it :() so I know I still have her number, she lives near me but I haven't seen her since that night so it'll almost be like re-meeting her to be honest. I know if she did like me, she wouldn't still like me after 4 months and I'm not asking whether she would have waited all this time. I'm just wondering if I can ring her up and have a conversation and try to get to know her more, I'm not sure how I'd do it though since I barely know her.

Bascially I regret not pursuing to get her more in December, I had the choice of going after two girls (one was her obviously) and I went after the other and it never materialized. I look and feel different (for the better) and more confident since December so I'm thinking I should at least try.

Also I know she lives near me cos it came up in one of them iphone location thingy's but strangely enough I haven't seen her since that night (And no I haven't been stalking or looking to randomly 'bump into her' I'm not a creep)

I'm 19 and have never been in a relationship before by the way :-/

Answer on I got this girl's number in December but I didn't try enough back then?

I would start texting her and kinda feel her out and then move up to a phone call good luck and play it cool

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