Saturday, February 25, 2012

Easy question, its just signs if a guy likes me?

This guy and I met a year ago at a school bball game and he recently moved to kansas. We text every living day of our lives, he used to just text me every night at 8. lately I've been trying to flirt more with him. Hes been texting me for longer periods of time per day.

For example, today I went home sick. He stayed home too cause he was sick. I realized I had a few texts before I left for the nurses office and one was from him. He texted me at 930 in the morning and were still talking which is 8 at night.

I was asking him if he got any taller which hes 6"1 now and I told him that hes a foot taller than me now. Then we got on the topic of him liking girls that are pretty with a good personality. Which he tells me that I'm beautiful and im really fun to talk to. We talk alot so that must mean he liked my personality, right?

We talked about how he wants to go to italy, I do too. And we both like the older roman movies, we know alr about eachother and lots in common.

Any opinions??

Answer on Easy question, its just signs if a guy likes me?

sound to me like good chemistry... but seriously this guy probably does like you or he is a very, very, very, very good friend. That's my honest opinion

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