Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TV Trivia!!!!!! FUN!!!?

ok here are the rules:

the following below are characters from various TV shows.

You have to put the number of thed then the answer.

the answer should be the show these characters play in.

good luck and have fun!

1) Holly, Val, Gary, Vince, Tina

2) Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey

3) Van, Cheyenne, Reba, Kyra, Barbra Jean, Brock, Jake

4) Oliver, Lilly, Miley, Jackson

5) Brittany, Dionne, Renee, Natasha, Jaslene, Tyra

6) Raymond, Debra, Marie, Frank, Robert

7) Megan, Josh, Drake

8) Cheryl, Jim, Dina, Andy

9) Michelle, Danny, Joey, Jesse, Stephanie, DJ

10) Nicole, Paris


Answer on TV Trivia!!!!!! FUN!!!?

1) What I Like About You

2) Friends

3) Reba

4) Hannah Montana

5) America's Next Top Model

6) Everybody Loves Raymond

7) Drake & Josh

8) According to Jim

9) Full House

10) The Simple Life


: )


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