Monday, December 19, 2011

Is Turkey the country that is most similar to Greece?

Since every country has another country that its most similar to like Bulgaria is most similar to Romania, Albania is most similar to Macedonia, Italy is most similar to Croatia and Spain is most similar to Portugal. Is Turkey Greece's closes match?

Answer on Is Turkey the country that is most similar to Greece?

In some things they are similar, but in some others they aren't. Besides, I don't think you can generalise like that; every country is unique. I, for one, wouldn't agree that Italy is so similar to Croatia, or Albania to Macedonia (there are some similarities of course). The same goes for Greece and Turkey.

By the way, I notice that every time a question like this appears, Turks try to say that their country is very similar to Greece, whereas Greeks do their best to prove that there is a light years distance between those countries. As always, the truth is somewhere in between: there are similarities and lots of Turkish influences in Greece (and even the other way around), but there are also a lot of differences.

Greek Barbie, don't laugh so much. Actually, Dalmacija and Istra, parts of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea, can be pretty similar to Italy. I have to admit that Slovenia and Croatia are the most "western" countries in ex-Yugoslavia. Concerning the mentality and that kind of things, Croatia is closer to Italy than, for example, to Serbia. Also, Slovenia seems to be closer to Austria than to Balkan countries. But you still can't pair those countries, of course, because each of them is unique. Each country had its own history and other components that shaped it exactly the way it is now.

And you Alexander, don't underestimate Albanians; you're not THAT MUCH different from them - of course some similarities can be found.

Finally, "Greek warrior" said: "You do know that Cyprus was almost annexed to Greece, like the rest of the Greek Islands were? But you'd have to take a look at history to see why this didn't happen."

Of course it didn't happen. Do you think they should have let you do that? I don't think so.

CONCLUSION: Every country is unique and can't be compared to any other country, but all Balkan countries have some similarities, and those similarities mostly came from the Turkish influence.

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