Saturday, November 26, 2011

How Come People Think Drake is Weak?

like i know his rise was a lil shotty, as in too soon

but damn u gotta admit he got flow. like he aint better than wayne but he right underh im. not one song that u would here and drake not go hard on it. i promise

" All Verses Get Dummied like Crash Test"- BlACK Magic

" i love your sushi roll hotter than wasumi, i race for your love shake n bake rickky bobby im at the the w but i can meet you in the lobby girl i gotta watch my back im not jus anybodie i see them stand in line just to get beside her i let her see the asthon let the rest suprise her, thats when we dissaper and u need GPS to find her, Oh that was your girl, i thought i reconized her" - Bed Rock

Answer on How Come People Think Drake is Weak?

I don't really like his songs. I thought I was the only one though. "I love your sushi roll?" I don't get it, wtf is that?

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