Thursday, October 27, 2011

I like this girl and I think she likes me but im really behind in puberty?

I'm 17 and started talking to this girl on twitter ages ago and we started talking everyday. I went to meet her round her house for new year. She really likes me and I really like her but shes not a virgin and I am. She also wants to like do stuff with me and so do I but im 17 and don't even have armpit hair for christ sake. I have to put on a manly voice all the time so all my mates just assume its my normal voice. When im by myself and I listen to my normal voice its like a little kid. I've got pubes downstairs and obv I can ****, but like I still look like a chilld. it's sort of ok because shes still shorter than me even though im only 5,4, but I just know I can't do anything with her because I have a lil willy and im ashamed of my youthfulness. I was just wondering like, since I've had pubes for a year, when will my voice break and when will I grow? I just want to be normal. theres kids 5 years younger than me who could beat me up because im so tiny. I have to do weights and make muscle so I dont look so puny. Is there anyway I can speed up puberty? I had growth hormone loads when I was 15 -16 but it did nothing. Any answers I'd really appreciate.


Shes a nice girl who likes me for my personality but I don't want her to discover what I really am... :(

Answer on I like this girl and I think she likes me but im really behind in puberty?

See http://www. fpnotebook. com/Endo/Exam/MlTn…


THere are definite risks, such as testicular cancer.

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