Thursday, October 20, 2011

How do i edit my Myspace 3.0?

At first i got the hang of it, but then i went to photobucket to get a HTML code to put on my page, since tha usually worked on the 2.0,but not when i tried to put it on the intrests or about me column, a lilttle box appears and says"CSS is not allowed and will be removed"i have like no pics anymore on my profile, it looks blank, please help, what code do i use? And now all i have are codes on my page that are blue, im so confused.

Answer on How do i edit my Myspace 3.0?

HTML and CSS arent the same thing

you cant use css codes (layout site codes) in 3.0 profiles, but you can still add pictures

but not in your interest section

add them to an HTML BOX MODULE instead

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