Saturday, October 1, 2011

GUYS: if you had a lot of girls to choose from...?

Would you ever pick the short, cute one?

I'm 16, and there's this really hot guy in my class, who I would like to get to know. But we've never even talked...

He came to australia from Italy about 6 months ago but he was never in my classes until now. I'm already shy when meeting new people, and I was willing to try and make the first move (talk to him first), but Im not sure it's a good idea.

I just looked on his facebook profile to try and get a better idea of him. On his wall, I noticed quite a lot of female friends he's been talking too (I can't read it, it's italian). He's got a few girl friends here too. I'm just thinking that he'd never be interested in me.

I mean all the girls, from what ive seen, are prettier than me (not to sound insecure..) but being truthful, they are. I don't think I'm ugly or anything, but well, I'm more "cute" than hot. I'm 5'0, short and petite, with brown hair and eyes and slim.

If you were in this guys situation, where you had a lot of girls to choose from, would you ever consider the cute, short one? Lol. He's actually pretty short himself, like 5'6-5'7.

Yeah, there's no harm in talking, but he actually seems like the perfect guy for me lol. Not just physically, but his personality around other people seems cool :)

Sorry it's long, but I'd appreciate any feedback :)

Answer on GUYS: if you had a lot of girls to choose from...?

Short girls are the hottest, especially the dark haired ones. The tallest girl I ever dated was 5'2. I'll always pick the short, cute one over anything else.

You're probably building this guy up in your mind. When you know him better you'll realize he's just another dork like the rest of us. Every 'perfect' guy is, from yours to Brad Pitt. We all make stupid choices, fart at inappropriate times, have quirks that will annoy you, listen to terrible music, have dumb friends, etc. Not to worry though, with time, some of us can be somewhat trained. Or so my girl says...

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