Saturday, October 15, 2011

CHEAT DAY? please read!?

so i normally eat small healthy meals during the week, but they tend to become redundant and i run out of low calorie options. so one day a week, i let loose a little (not too much, no binging or anything) and just have a variety so i dont get too bored all week. today was my cheat day on my diet.

around 9, i had 120 calories of pineapple, in its own juice, no additives.

at 11 i had 3 egg whites, and 1 egg yolk scrambled with onion and turkey meat. (meat=size of my fist)

then around 1 i had a banana and 100 calories of fat free yogurt.

around 5 i had about 100 calories of strawberries or so.

then around 7 i had a piece of homemade lasagna with a piece of garlic bread. mmm(:

i drink nothing but water, and im on the cross country team so i do excercise. i know i didnt get in veggies today, but the other 6 days a week i get a ton. and on my cheat days, i normally dont eat stuff as heavy as lasagna, but tonight my mom's just smelled so good! im a 16 yr old girl, 125 lbs, 5'4''. i want to lose 10 lbs by summer.

any wieght loss tips?!

and how many calories would you say ive eaten today?!


Answer on CHEAT DAY? please read!?

First, I agree that you should enjoy, and that it is proven that moderate indulgence means more balanced mental health, which strengthens the resolve to be healthy, etc!!! A win-win-win, right?

I guess my big question is: Do you know what your numbers are now? (BMI, hips/waist ratio, percent body fat, percent lean muscle mass, any of your "blood" numbers, etc.) Since you said you're already on the cross-country team, and you seem to be tracking your meals (A BIG PLUS, btw), are you sure you need to lose?

I mean, since muscle weighs more than fat (thinking of lean muscle %), it's normal for an athlete's BODY MASS to be higher than "normal" when just thinking about weight on a bathroom scale. I hope this is "food for thought" for you, and that you are lucky enough to have serious discussion-time with your parents. I hope you have that kind of support and that you're able to benefit from their experience!

Also, you may want to talk to your Dr and/or an R(egistered)D(ietician) about your food plan, since, believe it or not, you may not be eating ENOUGH, and that can cause your body to be confused about holding on to excess adipose tissue. (Shocker, huh?) ;) You may lose the weight by adjusting your meal-plan to include more calories, if it is balanced correctly.

And, if this was your cheat day, it really looks like this may be the case: You need more calories. I wouldn't expect you to put the whole weeks-worth of food in your post, but I'm guessing that you may be even more stringent on the non-cheat days, but I'm not assuming. Only an RD and your Dr can tell.

I hope this helps. Good Luck to ya, kiddo!!!

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