Sunday, July 17, 2011

Substitutions for strawberry liquor? (Urgent)?

It's for a school cookery lesson, and I can't take in alcohol, oddly enough.

Here's the recipes, if it helps...

I need answers, FAST!

I'm making it tommorow.

http://www. aspoonfulofsugar. net/blog/200…

Answer on Substitutions for strawberry liquor? (Urgent)?

Right. What I would do is buy extra strawberries, sprinkle them with caster sugar and lemon juice, give thme a little squish with the back of a fork, then leave them while you're getting on with the rest of the recipe. After about 20 minutes, most of the juice will have collected at the bottom of the bowl, and you can strain it off and use that instead of the liqueur. The lemon juice will stop it from being too sweet, and it'll add even more strawberry flavour. Your strawberries will need to be nice juicy red ones, those crunchy half-green things don't have much juice in them.

Bon appetit.

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