Saturday, July 9, 2011

Maplestory Evolving Ring 2?

Hi guys, I just want to ask about the evolving ring 2, when you get the ring, does that count as an upgrade because I got the ring today which is the day the event started, and I waited one hour. Then I asked Gaga to evolve my ring. He said you already did and can only do it onece a day but I didn't upgrade it. Does that mean when I get it, it counts as an upgrade since it's only level one. Please help. Thanks

Answer on Maplestory Evolving Ring 2?

When you first start the quest, he will give you a level 0 ring. Wait one hour and the ring will turn into level 1. The level 0 ring will have an expiration date on it, which will show you how much time left to turn into level 1. You can upgrade the ring once per day, per character.

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