Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Is he a player or not? Help?

I'll try and keep this as short as I can.

So last May I went to my brothers party and got chatting to one of his friends. We were drunk, exchanged numbers and the next day we started texting. We both go to University, 15 miles apart so it was the start of our holidays. As we had no Uni we texted non stop and I mean non stop from 8am-2am the next day! I really started to fall for him and vice versa. We met up did the usual things; cinema etc. We met up a few more times and yes we had sex.

Anyway, in the end we kind of started a relationship, he never really asked and nor did I but we did start a relationship. Anyway, summer ended and we started back up with Uni, obviously the texting died down a little but not that much then I would text him and he'd never reply. It got to the point where Id text say, Monday and he wouldnt reply til the following Thursday.

It never occured to me to check his facebook and when I did ( I didnt add him as a friend) it said "In a relationship with *name*" "Annivers. Date JANUARY 28 2009".

There is no mistaking the fact we sarted a relationship, he would introduce me as his girlfriend, i met his parents when we passed in Tesco lol. I looked at her facebook and her latest status was "Had an amazing summer in London" we live in Scotland.

Now we're just friends I guess, I havent asked him about her or the relationship and we only pass eachother in the street and smile but we do text on and off! And he is perfectly nice and we have quite a few laughs. I have so fallen for him and arrrrgh!

The other day he text me saying "Hey stranger :-P Hows things? xx" I replied saying "Hey :-P Good thanks, how have you been? x" we hadn't chatted in a few weeks and he never replied. He does that all the time and another thing is, he tries to sext all the time and ooh just any help would be nice. Thanks. xx

Answer on Is he a player or not? Help?

Sounds like, from your perspective describing, that he IS just having some fun with you and once he 'consumed' you, next in line will take place. You sound like history for him.

When sex is not an immediate target, then that might be a clue that the connection is worth.

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