Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why she never contact me?

Hello! I have been single for a while, met a few girls but nothing serious. Last Friday I was on the subway when I suddenly saw this wonderful brunet staring at me. We both came inside the train and I started chatting to her. We had a good connection straight away, when she was leaving she suggested about me giving her my phone number or my facebook details ( I gave her both) and when i asked her one, she told me her phone was from her home country ( she is from Italy) and that she would send me her one by facebook. Since then, 5 days have passed and I never heard about her. Regret so much not taking any contact. Why a girl who seems interested not contact? I feel really bad about it as I really felt she was special. She was with a english book on her hands which I know which school they provide it, thought about going there to see if I could meet it a good solution? What could I say? Would it be a negative think to do? I know I sound needy, but I really liked this girl...thanks

Answer on Why she never contact me?

Yeah, Italians are hot. Thing is, sounds like she either wasn't that into you or she's just got other things going on, I mean, it has only been five days, not weeks.

I agree with the other answers - do not go to her school that's desperate stalker behavior.

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