Friday, June 24, 2011

Taurus 2FACED? How would you deal with this?

This person started off following everything that I said and did. So I said, listen just be you, be comfortable being you..I asked who are you really? I noticed that this person copied everyone else, and I was just the brave soul that said something. I really wanted to know WHO that person was beyond superficial stuff. Well the person BLEW UP on me. This person said: I NEVER LIKED YOU, I NEVER REALLY WANTED TO BE AROUND YOU, I NEVER..and the truth started coming out. To me it was the truth.

The problem is that this person STILL followed me on twitter, and tried to interact in some capacity. I am having a hard time really forgiving this person because really I think THIS is what they really feel not all the fake stuff they portrayed for the few months they've known me.

It's a male/female dynamic. Would you forgive this 2faced fake person? Oh they are two faced, because once they got mad they went around talking crap about me. I feel like they have a good personality deep down they are just a people pleaser, but I dont REALLY trust them all the way because it seemed like when it came out THEY didnt like me in the first place..

Answer on Taurus 2FACED? How would you deal with this?

This person seems to have some personality issues and insecurity problems. Unless you want to take this on, it is not your job to fix this person. If you want to make yourself a martyr go ahead, but I'm telling you that your looking at a long hard road ahead.

If it were me I would let this one go.

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