Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to become slim???plzzz help?

i'm still 16,and i am ovrweight! i go to sch nd cme by cycle. my school is 3 kms and i do fast cycling. my thighs are still fat and not reduced! :-( i drink lot of water bt my weight is nt reducing. i cant join any gym coz dis is ma tenth std and i hav to focus on ma studies too. i dnt hav tme to go to any gym or aerobic classes...i dnt know how to make a proper diet plan...pls suggest me some effective diet plan..plzz...i am havin farewell party on feb 1st week i guess...i hav to reduce my belly nd waist fat coz i should tie SAREE!!!! plz plz plz help me..i am waitin for ur reply...:-(

Answer on How to become slim???plzzz help?

You must get your thyroid levels checked or better get diagnosed by a doctor to know the cause of your weight problem.

i dont know for how many minutes you cycle, because of which weight loss is not happening.

You must buy a static bike, if you cant go to any gym, and do 20-30 mins of cycling each day, alongwith a low cal food like soya and its products, toned milk, paneer made from low fat milk, raw fruits and vegetables.

You may contact me to get a detailed diet plan...which i make for many people.

Since your entire medical history, weight, physiological conditions, etc are unknown I can only give you a general advice here at yahoo

For a more detailed expert advice & therapy for your problem(recommended),kindly visit my profile and send me a mail at my e-mail ID given therein.

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