Saturday, June 25, 2011

Afraid to but want to - Working Abroad?

Hey Guys

I really want to move out of my parents house and work abroad somewhere but I'm so scared to make the move. For example I've applied for a job in Rome working in a hostel, they offer you a place to stay, but how safe is it going abroad?

I want to take my laptop and ipod with me but so worried it will all get stolen, but I do want to learn a new language and go somewhere sunny.

Anyone made the move? I'm half italian so I speak some lingo so it makes more sense for me to go to Italy but quite open minded tbh, I've considered Canada, Spain and Greece so far.

I'm a recent graduate, graduated in June in England.

: )

Answer on Afraid to but want to - Working Abroad?

If you stay within the EU, most places are the same as here. Just follow trhe same rules that you would at home. Don't leave valuables on display etc, keep to well lit streets at night, and so on.

Many parts of Rome will be SAFER than the UK!

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