Friday, May 13, 2011

Why isnt NATO intervening in Iran?

Iran has caused more problems in the past 5 years than Gaddafi has caused in his lifetime. Iran has been proven to fund terror groups in over 60 nations, including France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Israel, Pakistan, India, and the US - just to name a few. They are developing nuclear technology and the President has stated he wants to wipe Israel off the face of the planet. If we wait until Iran actually bombs someone will a nuke, then it will all be in vain, and so many more innocent people will die because of it. The people of Iran showed they hate their leader in 2009, and the world did nothing. Why are we so interested in Libya, and ignoring Iran? It almost seems like what Gaddafi said about Iran propping up these revolutions was right. Egypt wants to strengthen their ties with Iran and revolutionaries in Syria and Libya want to as well. Dont believe me, heres the link-

http://uk. ibtimes. com/articles/128774/20110330/egypt-iran. htm

http://www. haaretz. com/news/international/iran-s-khamenei-urges-west-to-arm-libya-rebels-instead-of-bombing-1.350942

Iran has been nothing but problems, so why are we tempted to do what they say?

Answer on Why isnt NATO intervening in Iran?

Iran stated decades ago that if they were invaded by the west they would send out suicide bombers,

they proved their point in the iran/iraq war.

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