Monday, May 2, 2011

Twilight poem?

A straggled and limp heart

Frozen in place

Time doesnt pass

Screaming; my face

Wanting him to come back

lieing on the ground

as water pours over my face

Your helping me drown

Time Passes

as we all know

but sometimes we are unaware

That is quickly passes

wind, breeze, blow

I met up with my sun

my yellow aura beauty

He whistles and hums

Promises he will never hurt me

What to find?

30 minutes later he did

A chiseleing hole

he is making his dent

Going back to frozen time

tic toc tic toc

waiting for time to pass

on a slowly moving clock

Even though he never will

I am waiting for him to call

Becoming held against my will

Soon i will trip and fall

Out of the blue he kecthes me again

My Paris;

no more Romeo

Save me with a kiss

I jump off a height

Plunge into the water

He surely saves me

my heart slowly on a teater totter

Back and fowarth

Is this right

i thought i was in love

until maybe tonight

She comes back; not him

He hurts me again

She stays with me

He leaves

He comes back

Im so hurt

My heart hainging on a thread

He repairs it for sure

So now im off to Italy

for only one reason; he

He does something devistating

because of a misunderstanding

He comes back

Paris falls

Romeo takes my hand

as my future slowly calls

They fight; Paris falls

....will i ever see him again?

Answer on Twilight poem?

as always amazing, but it seems like everyone of your poems has the line time passes in it. i like your perspective

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