Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fiance trouble! please help :(?

okay so heres the situation, my fiance and i have been together now for 3 years going on 4.I am currently 6 months pregnant with a little baby girl. Him and I both live together but its one of his parents apartment that we do stay in. So I have to pay no rent, and to be honest I couldnt because apartments where I live is really expensive and im already trying to save some money for my baby. Okay but the big situation is this, my fiance has been known to be that "dog" or "ladies man" so to speak. He cheated on me one time he says but i just know its more, i just have that intuition;i have that intuition EVERY single day. I sometimes think im going crazy! And well we've been fussing a lot and he constantly says that i nag too much and he just doesnt do a lot of the things he did in the beginning. To make matters worse there is this girl he says he never officially dated but they were great childhood friends. He broke her virginity and all and since the beginning to now she just wont leave him alone. She recently had a baby but her boyfriend went off to jail so i guess now she wants my man. One day i was really hurt because i told him to end it once and for all. I told him to call her while i was right there and tell her it is totally over. He refused. The thing he says is he dont want to hurt her feelings. But honestly how will she ever get the point?!So i honestly feel deep in my heart like he still talks to her on the occassion and plz keep in mind she is really obsessed over him so she can care less if i have a baby, she would have sex and everything if he allows it. I really am so tired of going every day through my life wondering if he is cheating thats not the way it should be. I tried to tlk to him on numerous occassions and the first thing he do is get all defensive(which i heard is a sign of a cheater).Im in between a rock and a hard place becaiuse i want to be the only girl he thinks about and the only girl he wants but i feel that could never be. It hurts me more now because we have a child involved now and i just wish i would have seen the signs before we got deep. A lot of girls like him alot and would do jus about anything to steal him from me, and i jus think he goes along with the flow becasue he hisself told me at the beginning temptation is hard. i really love him though. And like i said i live in his folks apartment so if my fiance and i was to break up i would have to struggle on my own which is hard. And btw hes an aspiring singer so he says he needs to have girl fans and the fact that his status on facebook said single made me feel like our relationship was worthless. I told him about that and we was about to break up over that. he was telling me stuff like i should understand and be more supportive..but what about me? I jus think its going to get worse once the baby is born. Right now im still working though at a local retail store thats minimum wage. I wanted him and i to work out but it jus seems impossible. I want to trust him. so my question is should i continue to stay? and any additional advice would be appreciated. thank u

Answer on Fiance trouble! please help :(?


Now there's one thing I guess nobody has told you. You're right, seems like a cheating man. Thing is, those kind of men don't change, ever. If you really do get married, things will stay the same and eventually, worsen with time. And honestly, you don't deserve that. Nobody deserves to be cheated on.

The problem would be if you do leave him, what'll you do? Do you have any family that could help you? Any woman doesn't need a man for financial support. There are many ways to move on! Friends maybe that could help you? Don't let that get you down!

As with your man, just talk things out. Tell him what you think. If things stay the same way, just leave that relationship. People don't change, they rarely do. If he's a cheating man, not supporting you, then leave him. He's not the only one! :) I'm sure that there are better men. But for now just think about the most important person, your baby. And yourself too! :)

I hope things get better! :3

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