Friday, January 14, 2011

Can someone translate FNC's audition information for me pleaseee?

well, can anyone translate: http://www. fncmusic. com/fncmusic2/audition/information. html for me?

i can read hangul but i dont actually understand korean, im still in process to learn korean.

and its not that im confident about this audition, i just really wanna try...

and, can someone tell me what should i do too?

im an almost 15years old girl..

im kinda confident about my singing skills and i learned a lil bit of guitar, i can do drum a lil bit too.. but im focusing on guitar.

i like to dance and i learn to dance from other dancers and from videos..

about my looks, well, im confident about my style. but im kinda tomboyish and some says that i look like a boy and i do look handsome :/ weird eh?

some says i got big round eyes and some says i look like Park Shin Hye, the one who plays Goo Minyu and Goo Minam on You're Beautiful..

well, but it doesnt matter at all.. :/

you can see my photos from my fb:

www. facebook. com/reizer0

or twitter:

www. twitter. com/rei_zero

or my blog!:

sdbzero. blogspot. com

thx so much :)

Answer on Can someone translate FNC's audition information for me pleaseee?

Repost the link. it's broken.

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