Friday, August 13, 2010

How can i plan my diet?

for the last month ive been working out without protein shakes, but i try to eat healthy but i get carried away, this is because i LOVE takeaway food, sometimes i cant find a healthy food at home to eat.

So basically i want some links which show a list of healthy foods to eat when bodybuilding, the time of the day i supposed to the specific food, also the amount of protein, fat, calories on each food.

Answer on How can i plan my diet?

Go to a health food store instead of takeout. I think you're ignoring a problem, which is self-control. You can't expect to workout and be healthy with just that. You are what you eat so take more pride in yourself! It sounds like you have no plan at all as of right now, so your first step should be deciding what your diet goal is.

As for bodybuilding and excessive protein intake, be sure to be equalizing that with extra calcium intake along with extra sun. If you're taking extra protein you need to also lay off any carbonation and caffeine you may be on, which will leech the calcium from your body. Also, be aware that most supplement forms of Vitamin D are not accepted by the body so in order to get Vitamin D to aid in calcium absorption you need to get sun and you can't rely on enriched foods.

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