Friday, July 30, 2010

Has anyone ever...............................?

truly had their heart broken?

if so, by who?

how old were you?

how did it feel,

did you ever move on && how?

for me, i'm going through the hardest thing i have ever experienced in my life and i'm 21 years old. when i was younger, i had boyfriends, and of course i thought i was in love, and i would cry when we broke up, but i soon got over them, within hours even.

but now, i feel like i lost my best friend. the love of my life. he was the only guy i have ever told things to that i hold very close in my heart, and secrets that I've never been comfortable talking about with anybody. we were together for a year and a half, and everything seemed so perfect. even when we hugged, i could feel his heart beat, and it would go faster and faster when we hugged. he was the perfect height to make that possible. i have never hugged him and not felt his heart go faster, it happened every single time for a year and a half. when he kissed me, it literally felt like the rest of the world was at peace and i couldn't of asked for a more perfect relationship. they say every relationship has rocky roads, but ours were minimal.

we included each-other in everything and gave each-other space when we needed it.. we liked doing the same stuff, so our hobbies never got in the way.. we would always talk about growing old together and having a million kids and making a zillion memories, but thats obviously not gonna happen, at least not right where things are...

anyways, we broke up because he is moving and i'm moving even further away for college. he says he doesn't want to miss me, even though were not leaving until July, he still doesn't want to be together right now...

what do i do? i feel like my whole world just came crashing down and the man that holds my heart set it on fire. i feel empty inside, and all i wanna do is cry. i can't eat, i'm having the most trouble breathing in and out regularly, its like i keep forgetting to or something.

i don't want to clean, or put make-up on or go outside. i just want to sleep.

when i sleep, i keep having weird dreams about him.

like for example, my last dream of him, was him marrying himself?

it was kinda scary and i didn't know what to think of it...

everyone else in my life is saying that its not that bad and i'll be fine in a few days, but this has been going on for about three weeks now. i have tried calling, texting, email, going to his house, leaving messages, everything. but no response..........

i really don't know what to do. i have tried to pick myself up and move on, but i can't stop thinking long enough to not talk myself down. my heart and chest literally hurt from all of this.

all i'm asking for are your own experiences, how they felt, and how you got through it.

please no hate comments, seriously, it's rude.

&& to everyone who comments, thank you in advance!

Answer on Has anyone ever...............................?


Let's just say you really didn't experience true heartbreak (I belive). He is doing this for the best of both of you, instead of the odinary thoughts about is he cheating on me and why he ain't called me back. I understand that he is your world, trust me I have a best friend that I love to death. My life without him in it would tear me to shreads. And yes, he would be my boyfriend, but he is too far for that to be possible. I think the reason why it's so heartbreaking is because of the thought of him findin somebody else now that he is single. And imma tell you now, those dusty chicken heads ain't got nothin on you lol. You got him for life and same to him. But I do suggest that you tell him that you just wanna remain good friends untill the time calls for a relationship. You need to let him know that you don't wanna lose him reguardless of the problems and obstacles. Just text him from time to time. But if that's too painful, you can just find a temporary boo. This may seem slutty but it helped me a lot. But we didn't do anything like sex, because he didn't know it, but I was still reserving my love for my bestie. But if he can't handle it, you just gonna have to accept it. I know it's painful, especially if he was the one you texted on a daily basis never missed a beat in a convo. but life goes on, and so will time. Y'all would be back together in no time. Go to parties hang with girlfriends be with family., just to keep ya head up.

Don't sweat babycakes yall belong together no matter what. Just another situation y'all gonna remember 20years to come>XOXOXO

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