Monday, June 28, 2010

How to get in shape in a couple months?

Hey I'm 17 and about 5'9"-5'10" and 170lbs exactly and was wondering whats a good diet/exercise routine for getting into shape within a couple of months. I'm a senior in high school and weak compared to pretty much all of my class with the exception of about 50 kids. A list of what I can do is this.


Bench: 135x2

Squat: 210x1

Incline: 100x3 (or 75x16)

Trap Bar: 275x1

Power Clean: 125x1

Box Squat: 225x1

My cardio isn't good at all because of lack of activity really but i can run a mile and over if i go at my own pace. It's still a workout to me i sweat a lot even when just regularly lifting and when doing cardio lots more.

I started working out this year and took a weight training class a my last trimester at my school and my maxes at the beginning of the class were.

Bench: 105x1

Squat: 180x1

Incline: 95x1

Trap Bar: 200x1

Power Clean: 95x1

Box Squat: 200x1

and I ran the mile dead last in my class with a time of like 11 minutes.

As for my body type I'm not fat but i'm not fit and might as well say borderline fat. My pecs are border lining man boobs and my stomach has a lot of fat on it. it's not hanging fat but it could get there. I'm mainly looking for a good diet to be on I want to lose weight and tighten my muscles. I enjoy working out I find it fun. So if there is any suggestion as to losing weight while tightening and gaining muscle mass it would be greatly appreciated.

I have access to a treadmill and a set of dumbbells that only go up to 20 pounds. I'm currently looking at gyms in my area and will probably get a membership very soon. I LOVE bad food but know its something i'll have to have in moderation for me to get in shape so i'm willing to watch my intake. So any good diets and workout plans to get me on the right track? Thanks for the help.

Answer on How to get in shape in a couple months?

Cut down on the starches and cut out sweets (simple sugars) altogether (i. e. soda). Also, no snacks, just eat meals. One trick to boost metabolism is, instead of eating three regular meals, try eating five or six healthy small meals. You should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and meats and dairy are fine. Just watch those starches; that's what makes you fat. You do need the carbs, but most of that should come from fruits and vegetables rather than starches like potatoes and rice. I would recommend larger portions of vegetables and fruit then meat and dairy then small portion of starch and no simple sugars.

I think you should definitely step up the cardio. I would recommend swimming, and make sure you are tiring yourself out. Swimming works many muscle groups, it will harden you up. Continue to work on your running, and you should progressively try to go a little further and a little faster. The way you describe yourself I would recommend that your weight training be lighter weight with high repetitions, which will cut you up and give you tone. You can work on mass by lifting heavy at low repetitions once you're satisfied with your body fat.

Another thing that will help you is to basically change your lifestyle. Try walking to places within walking distance instead of driving. Rather than sitting on the couch and watching TV or being on the computer, try getting up and doing some kind of activity - shoot some hoops or just find some work to do. You'll see some of that fat melt away fast just by changing the way you live. Instead of trying to get the close parking space, park way out and walk, take the merchandise out of the cart and carry the bags. All these little things will add up and will help.

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