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Tell me what you think of Illegal immigration?

Hispanophobia, Xenophobia, The Black Legend, and Racism have all contributed to the many reasons Hispanics (Either legal or illegal) have been portray negatively in this society. Many American Citizens have not done research on the way Immigration affects our society, but we as good consumers of Media (television, radio, newspapers) have fallen short because we believe anything and everything the American Media portrays in the news, talk shows, and other mediums of popular communications. I dare anyone here to conduct un bias research on this matter, with out falling trap to racism, ethnocentrismm, xenophobia, and un-scholarly material. Anyone that can provided links to charts and statistics to argue their positions are encourage to respond anyone else that lacks professionalism please don't respond.

In my view due to my research, Illegal immigration positive impact on American society out weights the negative impacts. We also need to understand human behavior around the globe.

Please read the following:

First of all immigration is not only a American phenomenon, but a world phenomenon. Is happening in all the world and to almost any country that can offer a better chance of living and resources. Have you ever heard of Survival of the Fittest, well, that's exactly what's going on in the world today. It is natural for a person or individuals to search for the resources their nations lack. Mexicans migrate because they have same necessities as any other human been, but even Mexico has an immigration and migration problem. Rural people in Mexico also have migrated to more developed areas in Mexico, like Mexico City, Monterrey, Cancun, Acapulco, and near the US border. Other Mexicans compliant that migrants workers from rural areas take city people jobs.

In Europe, countries with growing immigration population are England, Spain, France, Italy and other Western Europeans. The majority of immigrants are from Eastern European nations and they are view as bringing down the standards of the west, hey, and they are white and European too! But also Europe gets a lot immigrants from Saharan Africa, Middle, East, and Asia. Other immigrants included people from within the European Union who immigrate freely between nations in the EU.

In Asian nations, Immigration is also a major issue. In Japan there many Hindus, Arabs and Southeast Asians and even Brazilians. China has also brought in many immigrants from all over the world.

In Latin America, Dominicans migrated to Puerto Rico and the US. People are immigrating from less developed Latin American nations to more develop one where there an opportunity for money and food.

Immigration and migration is as old as Human creation. People have always been migrating in search of resources. From Ancient times, to the Age of Discovery to Now. Societies, Ethic groups, bands, tribes have old either conquered others or live together and share resources.

Human Immigration as a basic law of nature. "If you lack resources for survival, immigrate and search for those resources that you lack" This is part of the Natural Laws of Humanity. Either eat or perish.

People say, "They have broken the Law, so they are law breakers and shouldn't even be here."

So what is greater, the law writen by man's hands or the Natural Law which is part of all humanity?

Thomas Hobbes, a great English Political Philosopher,

said this; "The things that make a good judge or good interpreter of the laws are, first, a right understanding of that principal law of nature called equity (Justice) ; which, depending not on the reading of other men's writings, but on the goodness of a man's own natural reason and meditation," (The Leviathan CHAPTER XXVI


Immigrants legal or illegal has the right to be examine as an individual, not base on the fact that he or she broke a law, that prohibit a human the necessities for human survival and dignity to live as other Humans who have what they don't got.

Justice should be done base on character and desire for a Human to be here, that he or she when as far to brake one law to be where we are and live or try to live like the more fortunate ones.


We Say: "Let's stop world hunger and help the poor"

But when poor folk comes to your nation and your home, you rather give him or her a snake or shoot the poor bastard in the head"

We are a bunch of hippocrates!

Please use resoaning when responding.

Answer on Tell me what you think of Illegal immigration?

I personally agree with what you have thoroughly exposed. Unfortunately, our diverse population has always have trouble respecting others rights. They belittle the immigrant regardless of their legal status, specially if they look hispanic and in less proportion african american or asian. They have always taken advantage of the minorities by aiming at closing every door they have to succeed in life. It appears to be like Hitler's legacy is still impacting their culture. They openly approve of any condition which will put the immigrant under them even though many of those immigrants are ready to compete side by side.

Their means of communication are censoring others who disagree with them. Distorting lots of things such as food stamp recipients being illegal immigrants. They make up stories about "loopholes" and I dare them to report those illegal immigrants supposedly receiving "welfare"

How come they just keep attacking them but plan on keeping them on a temporary basis in order to perform those jobs they refuse to perform?

Read mine and give me some information if you are familiar with the subject.

http://answers. yahoo. com/question/index;…

* I have to add that considering all those thumbs down and the silence to my question, I feel they are just speechless and have no way to contradict my opinion *

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