Thursday, September 14, 2006

Is this one sided love?

Alright so my friend Joan likes a guy named Bruno from her school. (she's a teenager 15 yrs old)

Some months ago she asked a friend for his phone number and she would text him from time to time, he would answer back sometimes but always said he had to go. Now he doesn't answer them at all. She added him in facebook and he accepted her but days later she wrote ''hey'' over fb chat and he erased her from facebook and made his facebook private. He hangs out with a group of guys who used to tease her about him liking her and pretty much acted like jerks. She really likes him, its the first guy she has liked this much and she tries really hard to be able to get his attention but he's always with his guy friends. He does stare at her sometimes and smile at her which makes her happy. Some of her girl friends say he's really shy and hardly talks with anyone which makes her break that shell and try to reach him but its hard for her. She doesn't want to give up yet on him. How can she know for sure this is one sided love? What should she do?

Answer on Is this one sided love?

You can tell its one-sided love simply by the text messaging incidents. His phone is private so if it was only because his friends give him a hard time he would text back. Also the facebook thing, nobody would know how much they talk and he doesn't take advantage of that form of contact either. I'm sorry sweetie but thats why they call them crushes. Goodluck in finding a man who wants you too

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