Thursday, September 14, 2006

Combat Stress Question?

Remember in that movie saving pvt ryan there was a scene where a very aggressive german was bearing his knife down on the american soldier and his buddy was standing at the doorway too petrified to move? And then the german walked down the stairwell and just looked at the guy? Well the other night I was with my friends and we saw that scene and they were telling me that's probably how it is in real life too, what do you think? If your buddy was having some taliban plunge his knife into your friend would you freeze in fear or would you go try to stop him?

Answer on Combat Stress Question?

I think it ultimately depends on the individual person. The character in the movie was tasked with delivering ammunition because he wasn't a fighter. He didn't have what it takes to handle the hardcore shooting and killing. That same thing could happen to a soldier today who didn't join with the aspirations to kill people. I myself think that I would be able to shoot the offender to save a fellow soldier.

Regardless of what people say on here though, you NEVER know until you're in that type of situation.

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